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Oyster Knife


The forged steel oyster knife, with reclaimed dark ebony handle pinned with brass.  The primo tool for effectively opening your delicious oysters in style.  

Select from the dropdown list to see options and price for: the minimal style, or one with a tab for a leather lanyard, and a lanyard if you don't have your own (you may need to add the knife to your cart and then add the lanyard separately). See pictures for each style.  Engraving can be added upon special request.  

Wood handles vary in color but are mostly dark black with subtle blonds and browns. Email me if you want to pick out a specific one. Know that those in these pictures are already sold, not what is currently available.

Size is approximately 7" long.

For those wanting to shuck fresh in the boat, the lanyard leather is 1/2" wide and approximately 18" between brass hardware.  It can be used to attach to a belt loop or wrap twice around hand and clip for a wristlet if your dress doesn't have a belt loop!

Product Care

Gift wrap included and all packaging is sustainable!

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