This month's giving back is to In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, a national/state partnership, designed to amplify and lift up the voices of Black women leaders at the national and state levels in our ongoing fight to secure Reproductive Justice for all women and girls. 10% all retail sales. Thank you!

Process Scenes

This Saturday, 11/20/21 we will be having an open studio, set up much like this one filmed quite a few years ago!  Part 20th biz year celebration(!) and part celebrating me and my assistants Abe and Molly's work. Metal, fire, food, and hopefully some music jamming.



A little throwback to me working in my previous studio in Beverly, MA, by folks at Depot North Films, filmed around 2012 or so. I believe I was working on steel frames that make up a sculpture in the shape of a house for a local artist:


Another  throwback to a request to make a custom replacement for a sidewalk utility hole cover outside of a Boston condo.  Cut, machined pattern for non-slip and beauty, seasoned black:


Bending steel for a commissioned dining table base with matching benches:

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