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Process Scenes

Work clothing company Duluth Trading Company came to film my studio for their '22 spring catalog. Here is a little snippet of some beautiful footage they put together.




Saturday, 11/20/21 we will be having an open studio, set up much like this one filmed quite a few years ago!  Part 20th biz year celebration(!) and part celebrating me and my assistants Abe and Molly's work. Metal, fire, food, and hopefully some music jamming.



A little throwback to me working in my previous studio in Beverly, MA, by folks at Depot North Films, filmed around 2012 or so. I believe I was working on steel frames that make up a sculpture in the shape of a house for a local artist:


Another  throwback to a request to make a custom replacement for a sidewalk utility hole cover outside of a Boston condo.  Cut, machined pattern for non-slip and beauty, seasoned black:


Bending steel for a commissioned dining table base with matching benches:

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