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Erica Moody Fine Metal Work was featured in these fine publications.


Featured in their regular theme, Eat The World


Bon Appétit Gift Suggestions

Bon Appétit

62 Gifts For Cooks

Bon Appétit

Financial Times Gift Guide 2022

London's Financial Times

Listed as a favorite in the Holiday Gift Guide.

Financial Times


Artists in Flux, by Rachel Reichart


Bake From Scratch Pie Server

Bake From Scratch

Metalsmith Magazine Woman Welder Career

Metal Smith

Welding A Table, Forging A Spoon 

Metalsmith Magazine

Zest Magazine -  Eat, Live, Drink Maine


Eat, live, drink Maine


New York Magazine The Cut Cake Serving Set

New York Magazine, The Cut

Day Trippin' by Katie Berohn on the NY show Field + Supply

"If I were the hosting type, I'd serve my firends an apple cake with this knife and server set by Erica Moody. I wouldn't even mind that they'd outshine any cake I could make."

Maine Home + Design - Custom Handrail

Maine Home + Design

A Pemaquid Farmhouse Built By Many Hands (Erica fabricated the stair and balcony railing pictured at right)

Maine Home + Design

Decor Maine Maine By Hand

Decor Maine

Maine By Hand: 10 Artisans to Watch

Decor Maine

Editor requests also from  NY Times Magazine & Esquire

For all press requests, please contact us.

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