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Offering fine craft in a selection of handmade serving wares, along with custom commissions for flatware, cabinet hardware, and furniture.

To see and reach for that handmade object, it awakens a feeling of connectedness and awareness to the being that crafted it and the space & time around you as you use it in what would most likely be an otherwise dull moment slipping by unnoticed and unappreciated.

- E r i c a

Such sweet customers....

I'm floored. These are just perfect. Your work is INSANE!

- Robert

Received!! They are gorgeous! My gallery assistant's response was "Crap! there goes my paycheck!"
- Maureen

I received the ladle and it’s just as gorgeous as I hoped it would be! I just love it.
- Molly, CA

We ordered the pie server for our wedding next month, as a wedding cake server. We received it last night and we LOVE it. It is a true work of art.

- Rachel J.

Erica forging a brass spoon handle in her barn studio in Midcoast Maine.

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