July's giving back campaign is to Vote Forward. Their work empowers grassroots volunteers to send handwritten letters encouraging fellow Americans to vote. Their voter contact program trains and supports volunteers writing personal, heartfelt letters to potential voters with an easy-to-use online platform. The majority of our letter-writing campaigns are nonpartisan campaigns. 5% all online sales, and I encourage to join one of their writing campaigns!. Thank you!

Offering fine craft in a selection of handmade serving wares, along with custom commissions for flatware, cabinet hardware, and furniture.

To see and reach for that handmade object, it awakens a feeling of connectedness and awareness to the being that crafted it and the space & time around you as you use it in what would most likely be an otherwise dull moment slipping by unnoticed and unappreciated.

- E r i c a

Such sweet customers....

I'm floored. These are just perfect. Your work is INSANE!

- Robert

Received!! They are gorgeous! My gallery assistant's response was "Crap! there goes my paycheck!"
- Maureen

I received the ladle and it’s just as gorgeous as I hoped it would be! I just love it.
- Molly, CA

We ordered the pie server for our wedding next month, as a wedding cake server. We received it last night and we LOVE it. It is a true work of art.

- Rachel J.

Erica forging the handles for her Pie and Cake Server in her barn studio in Midcoast Maine.

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