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Pre-order only at this time.  Burnished stainless steel with your choice of handle material riveted with brass pins.  Order as separate pieces, or in sets of 3, or full sets of 5.  Please make sure you specify which piece or set, handle material, and design in the 3 drop down boxes.  Hand wash only, with love.

Approximate Sizes:

Salad Fork:  6.5"

Dinner Fork:  7.5"

Dinner Knife:  8.75"

Tea Spoon:  7.25"

Dinner Spoon:  6.5"

Handle material examples:  

Radius Set of 5, left to right: Black linen micarta; Walnut, White Linen Micarta; Toasted Birch; Toasted Ash. (walnut and ash not avail)

Shoulder Set of 5: White Linen Micarta; Walnut; Black Linen Micarta; Toasted Birch, Toasted Ash (walnut and ash not avail)

Product Care

Gift wrap included and all packaging is sustainable!


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