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Brass Serving Spoon


These items have all been scooped up, but never fear...a new small batch is currently in the works. Please email for time frame and/or to pre-order.

Sanded and hand formed single piece brass utensils, and this item listing is for the spoon only.  For serving jams, applesauce, remoulades, olives and possibly caviar... A two pronged fork is coming soon as well.  Click here for a trio set of a fork, knife, and spoon. Please see the 'Care & Feeding' page for tips on how to care for these raw metal items.

Size is approximately 7" long.

Price is for one brass spoon.

Note: So much love that these are currently sold out.  But one more small batch will be available by end of November possibly sooner, but you can still pre-order here. For any questions please email me, thank you!

Product Care

Gift wrap included and all packaging is sustainable!

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