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Appreciator's Apprentice


Erica teaches metalworking techniques to all different levels, one on one, with an immersive experience in her barn studio in Maine.  We can create an itinerary to create a project for you using general jewelry type techniques, or slightly larger scale, but can also include furniture sized welding projects.  Skills taught can include silver brazing, welding, cutting, forming, drilling, threading, small forgings, & finishing. From a spoon to a sky scraper's topping lantern, she has over 30 years experience as a professional metal fabricator working with clients on a wide array of challenging engineering and fabrication projects, and can help you learn the basics to take home to your garage, or collaborate/teach on more complicated goals in her studio.  You can learn general skills or we can tailor a project to be made start to finish. Steel, copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum...just about anything that time can allow.  She teaches private lessons with or without lodging.  Lodging is in her 1854 Greek revival home or in a lovely off-grid cottage Erica built behind the barn. Costs are per person, lodging is per bed.  Two dinners out locally and breakfasts are included.  Time to explore the area can be arranged, as well as boat ride out for an island picnic!  Custom itineraries for how you want to spend your time in and out of the shop will be planned ahead of time, to make the most of your experience here in the studio and in lovely midcoast Maine.

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