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Sujeo - Spoon & Chopstick Set


Sujeo - Spoon & Chopstick Set is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Inspired by the Korean eating utensil set, the traditional word used is Sujeo, a merge of the two words sutgarak (숟가락, "spoon") and jeotgarak (젓가락, "chopsticks").

This set includes one long spoon, one set of chopsticks, and one rest.

The Spoon is forged and burnished stainless steel with darkened stainless steel scale pinned to front with brass pins.  This is to mimic the chopsticks that are of ebony pinned to aluminum with brass.  The choice of materials is slightly different in the spoon and chopsticks due to what the use and fabrication requires for weight balance and making.

Approximate length of both is 9".

Sold separately as well:

Chopsticks with rest

Korean Tasting Spoon - email me

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