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BVM Benefit


These items have all been scooped up, but never fear...a new small batch is currently in the works. Please email for time frame and/or to pre-order.

Black Voters Matter


Thank you to those that participated!  Winners will be contacted Oct 2nd! Please disregard the email that the item has shipped, this is an error sent to all entrants, my apologies! You will get a personal email if you have won.

Donate for a raffle ticket - each $10 ticket purchased can be for your choice of one of the 11 hand crafted items in the raffle, all from Maine artisans, just select which one in the drop down list.  Unlimited number of tickets and choices can be selected!*  All proceeds benefit the work of Black Voters Matteran organization dedicated to increasing power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities.



How to enter:

- Select each item from drop down list above and be sure to click the name in that drop down list to see a picture associated with that name and title (note that clicking the pictures below the big main pic does not change the name/title showing in the drop down box!)

- Select the quantity of entries you want for each item.  This can be 1 entry for 1 item, or 2 entires for one item and 1 entry for another, but each 'quantity' is a $10 entry and there is only one item available for each listing.

For example:  if I choose 2 entries for Emily Shaffer's earrings and 1 entry for Cat Bates bracelet, it will be for a total donation of $30.00, which will get you 2 entries into the raffle for Emily's earrings, and 1 entry into the raffle for Cat's bracelet. Winner for each piece will only be getting the one item that is up for raffle (2 entries doesn't get you 2 pairs of earrings).  All donations are going to the Black Voters Matter organization no matter who wins the items, so it's a win win for all!

Items listed in order of pics and drop down list:

 #1. Enter in all!

Donate $100 and get a discount and one entry in all 11!


 #2. Salad Bowl with Bear Claw Servers, Raivo Vihman

 Finished with beeswax based salad bowl finish. The servers are shaped, then charred, after which the paw pads are re-carved to reveal the blonde ash wood beneath the charring.   12" Bowl, 4" x 6" Servers


 #3. Filed and Forged Spoon, Erica Moody 

Sculpted and forged stainless steel, with decorative hand filed detail.  Exact detail might be slightly different than in this pic.  Approx. 7" long.


#4. Sterling Earrings, Emily Shaffer  

These earrings are fabricated from sterling silver. Matte finish exterior and oxidized interior lines for visual depth and contrast. Light enough for daily wear. 1” x 1” 


 #5. Caterpillar Vase, Miki Glasser.

Porcelain, 7”x3” decorated using the mishima glaze inlay technique



 #6.  Pocket Mirror, Heide Martin.

Maple and Nude Leather.  5 x 3.25 x 0.5 in 


 #7. Hand Carved Wooden Canister/dry vase, Danielle Rose Byrd.  

Birch, 4 3/4" x 3 1/2".  Made using the traditional shrink pot technique, where a freshly cut section of a branch or trunk is cored and hollowed by hand and a dry piece of wood is fit into a carved groove on the inside bottom rim. As the wet, cored section dries, it shrinks around the dry bottom piece, forming a snug fit.


#8. Lodestone Bracelet, Cat Bates.

Brass & leather, winners choice of size :)


 #9. Bronze Relief, Daphne Pulsifer.

Approximately 3.5” x 5” and about a quarter of an inch thick.


#10. Tall Flame Vessel, Meghan Flynn.

Wood-fired stoneware, natural ash and shino glaze.  15" tall x about 6 1/2" at the widest point


 #11. Steel Ladle, Aaron Beck 

Hand forged ladle, one piece, mild steel. Made by Aaron Beck in Deer Isle, ME. Bowl holds 8 liquid ounces. Seasoned, care for as you would your cast iron.  

Length 15"; Bowl diameter 5"; Bowl depth 2"; Weight 12oz. 


 #12. Counter Stool, John Nelson.

Steel and wood, 25" tall (standard for counter height use).


Small print:

*Ticket donations must be by a person who is 18 years of age or older.

*Total purchase per entrant must be under legal limit of $2500.00

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